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At this time we do not have updated information regarding the state tournament. 


There are no accommodations set up at this time.

Eligibility & membership

All wrestlers MUST have a current (2020) USA Wrestling athlete’s card to compete at any MN/USA State tournament.

Click here to purchase a USA Wrestling Membership

MN State Folkstyle Qualifying Procedures 

  1. At each qualifier points will be awarded according to your placement. 1st place will be awarded 40 points, 2nd place will receive 25 points, 3rd place will receive 10 points and 4th place will receive 0 points. 

  2. The tournaments held at LeCenter (TCU Titans), West Central, Jackson (Flat Earth), Wabasso/Red Rock Central, Moorhead, Stewartville, Lake Crystal, North Branch and Owatonna will receive double points (80, 50, 20, 0). 

  3. To qualify for State you must earn 30 points (PeeWee 6U, Bantam 8U, Intermediate 10U and Novice 12U divisions only) during the current season.  Points from last year do NOT count towards qualifying. 

  4. Total points will be tallied for the whole season and will be used as separation criteria at the State tournament. Last year’s folkstyle points (from the qualifiers and state only) will also be added in. If you’re in the same age group as last year, it will be the full points. If you’re not in the same age group as last year, it will be half the points. 

  5. Using the total points as explained above, the top 36 Pee Wee 6U, 44 Bantam 8U, 36 Intermediate 10U, 44 Novice 12U and 10 Girl wrestlers will gain this separation status. The rest will be drawn into the brackets. Exception: In the Intermediate 10U & Novice 12U age groups we will also seed up to the top 8 wrestlers.

  6. Not all brackets will have the same amount of separated wrestlers. How many in each is left to chance. 

  7. This process only applies to Pee Wee 6U, Bantam 8U, Intermediate 10U and Novice 12U divisions.  Schoolboy 14U, Cadet 16U and Girls divisions do not have to qualify for the State Folkstyle tournament. The Schoolboy 14U division will be seeded up to the top 8. 

    The list of wrestlers and their earned points from this season will be posted on the MN/USA Wrestling web site. The list will be updated as soon as the tournament provides the information to the State office. 

Clarification:  In order to participate in the Minnesota State Tournament, a wrestler must either live in Minnesota or have belonged to a Minnesota Chartered Club for the entire Folkstyle season.  You cannot compete in multiple State tournaments in the same wrestling style. If you compete in the Minnesota State tournament, you are not allowed to compete in the state tournament in which you reside. 

Points system & current points list

***2020 Folkstyle Points List***  

The points list is updated frequently by MN/USA. All highlighted wrestlers have qualified for the MN State tournament. 

You can also use the above link to view the points system.

If you have questions/corrections about the points please text Jon at 952-681-8287. If necessary you may call or email Jon at 
[email protected].

Registration & Admission

Entry fee is $40 per wrestler. 

All wrestlers MUST have a current (2020) USA Wrestling athlete’s card.

EVERYONE (all age groups) MUST
 pre-register for the MN USA State tournaments. If you do not know your membership ID, check the procedures under the Membership tab in the PRINT USA CARD section.  If you can't find your membership id, make up a membership ID so you can get registered.  You should have your card with you at the State tournament, but more than likely you will not need to present it.  For Minnesota events, your registration will appear on a report of invalid numbers (if you made up a number) which will be reviewed. If your active membership cannot be verified, you will be contacted and will have to then present your card at the tournament. Everyone has to have an active membership to wrestle, which means you purchased it on or after 9/1/19.

The only option for registering is Online registration.  Online registration will close on March 2, 2020 at 10:00 p.m. (it is set up to automatically close, even if you are in the process of registering, so our suggestion is do not wait to start the process until the end). 

Absolutely no late registrations will be accepted. Registration can only be made Online via TrackWrestling. No exceptions.

2020 MN/USA State Folkstyle Tournament Registration

Admission Prices:

$20 for all sessions
$10 – Friday
$10 – Saturday
$10 – Sunday

Students, Seniors & Military:
$10 for all sessions
$5 – Friday
$5 – Saturday
$5 – Sunday
(Kids 5 & under free)

Coach’s passes ($10) will be sold at the Coaches Meetings Only – Friday at 12:15 pm, Friday at 7:15 pm and 10:45 am on Saturday or may be purchased in the athlete registration area. 
Requirements to obtain a mat side coaching pass at MN State Tournaments


Weight Classes:  

Pee Wee 6U (Born in 2014 - 2016):  will use scratch weights (Grouping wrestlers within 5 lbs or 10% body weight starting from the lightest wrestler in the age group and moving up. Exception being heavy weights where USA Wrestling has defined weight classes that exceed the 10% rule.).  We will try to make up to 16-man brackets in the Pee Wee 6U division.

Bantam 8U (Born in 2012 - 2013):  will use scratch weights (Grouping wrestlers within 5 lbs or 10% body weight starting from the lightest wrestler in the age group and moving up. Exception being heavy weights where USA Wrestling has defined weight classes that exceed the 10% rule.).  We will try to make up to 32-man brackets in the Bantam 8U division.

Intermediate 10U (Born 2010 - 2011):  49, 53, 56, 59, 63, 67, 71, 77, 84, 93, 105, 120, 120+ (20 lbs.max difference)

Novice 12U (Born 2008 - 2009): 58, 63, 67, 70, 74, 78, 82, 86, 92, 98, 108, 117, 135, 160, 160+ (25 lbs.max difference)

Schoolboy 14U (Born 2006 - 2007):  71, 77, 83, 87, 92, 97, 102, 106, 110, 114, 119, 125, 130, 136, 149, 165, 187, 250

Cadet 16U (Born 2004 - 2005):  88, 94, 100, 106, 113, 120, 126, 132, 138, 145, 152, 160, 170, 182, 195, 220, 285

The Girls Division will use USA Girls Age and Weight groups where possible.

Click here for Weighin Protocol for all MN State Tournaments

At all MNUSA State Tournaments athletes must weigh at or below the listed weight class. NO ALLOWANCES are given.  If a wrestler is over the weight for which they registered, they will be moved to the next higher weight class the weigh-in weight qualifies them for.  If the wrestler's weight qualifies him/her for the next weight class below what they registered for, the wrestler will be moved down to that weight class. MNUSAW strongly discourages weight cutting. Young wrestlers should be allowed to wrestle at their natural weight.

Match Lengths:

Pee Wee, Bantam, Intermediate & Novice: 3, 90 second periods.

Schoolboy & Cadets: 3, 2 minute periods.

Uniforms, Rules, & Awards

Uniforms for MNUSA Wrestling state competitions:

A one-piece singlet shall be cut no lower than the level armpits in both the front and back and under the armpits no lower than ½ the distance between the armpit or belt line. The one-piece singlet may be worn and should be a predominant single solid color. Unadorned tights with stirrups may be worn in folkstyle competition only. Wrestlers shall wear a suitable undergarment under a one-piece singlet, which covers the buttocks and groin area. If the undergarment extends beyond the inseam it shall be tight fitting, a single solid color, unadorned and not extend below the knee. Arm and leg “sleeves” are illegal unless they have a sewn in pad. Wrestlers shall not wear sweatbands.

Note: Female contestants wearing a one-piece singlet shall also wear an undergarment covering the breast when age and developmentally appropriate. An appropriate undergarment covering the buttocks and groin is also required for female wrestlers.

The two-piece uniforms shall be compression shorts or shorts designed for wrestling and shall have a minimum 4-inch inseam that does not extend below the knee. Shorts designed for wrestling shall have an elastic waist and drawstring that is not exposed. Compression shorts or shorts designed for wrestling shall not have belt loops, zippers, snaps, buttons or pockets. Shorts designed for wrestling may be worn over a one-piece singlet or with a form fitting compression shirt. The form fitting compression shirt shall not cover or extend below the elbow and shall have a minimum of a 3-inch tail; the form-fitting compression shirt may be worn under a singlet, or with compression shorts or shorts designed for wrestling. Suitable undergarments as described in the first paragraph are required for male and female contestants wearing a two-piece uniform.

● Headgear are required for all wrestlers in age groups 14U (Schoolboy/Girl) and younger.

● It is recommended but not required wrestlers with braces wear mouthguards.

● Athletes must weigh-in wearing a competition singlet. There is no weight allowance for the singlet or uniform.

Wrestlers shall wear white, black, or no socks.

● It is highly recommended in MNUSA Greco and Freestyle that competition singlet be predominantly red or blue. Two-piece uniforms should also have either a neutral top or bottom with a shirt or short that is predominantly red or blue.

● Athletes, please be aware that the two piece uniform is currently not legal at USAW regional and national Freestyle and Greco competitions.

The tournament head official shall determine the legality of all questionable competition uniforms and equipment.


Rules:  The rules of High School Wrestling with current USA Wrestling modifications where applicable will govern the event and the competition.


Individual Awards:  Awards for 1st through 6th places.


There is no schedule for the tournament at this time.


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