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Eligibility & membership

All wrestlers MUST have a current (2019) USA Wrestling athlete’s card to compete at any MN/USA State tournament.

Click here to purchase a USA Wrestling Membership.

MN State Folkstyle Qualifying Procedures

  1. At each qualifier points will be awarded according to your placement. 1st place will be awarded 40 points, 2nd place will receive 25 points, 3rd place will receive 10 points and 4th place will receive 0 points.

  2. The tournaments held at LeCenter (TCU Titans), Owatonna, Jackson (Flat Earth), West Central, Wabasso/Red Rock Central, Moorhead, Stewartville, Lake Crystal, North Branch will receive double points (80, 50, 20, 0).

  3. To qualify for State you must earn 30 points (PeeWee, Bantam, Intermediate and Novice divisions only) during the current season.  Points from last year do NOT count towards qualifying.

  4. Schoolboy, Cadets and Girls division wrestlers do NOT have to qualify for the State Folkstyle tournament and will use the same process as last year for separation.

Complete Qualification Procedures for 2019 MN/USA State Tournaments

2019 MN/USA State Folkstyle Separation Criteria

Clarification:  In order to participate in the Minnesota State Tournament, a wrestler must either live in Minnesota or have belonged to a Minnesota Chartered Club for the entire Folkstyle season.  You cannot compete in multiple State tournaments in the same wrestling style. If you compete in the Minnesota State tournament, you are not allowed to compete in the state tournament in which you reside. 

Points system & current points list

***2019 Folkstyle Points List***  

The points list is updated frequently by MN/USA. All highlighted wrestlers have qualified for the MN State tournament. 

MN/USA Wrestling Point System Information

If you have questions/corrections about the points please text Jon at 952-681-8287. If necessary you may call or email Jon at 
[email protected].

Registration & Admission

Pre Registration Entry:

Entry fee of $30.00 per wrestler.

All wrestlers MUST have a current (2019) USA Wrestling athlete’s card.

All wrestlers MUST be pre-registered.

Online registration will close on March 4, 2019 at 10:00 p.m. Registration is set up to automatically close, even if you are in the process of registering, so our suggestion is to not wait to start the process until the end. Absolutely no registrations will be accepted after 10 pm on March 4th. Registration can only be made Online via TrackWrestling. No exceptions. 

 2019 MN/USA Folkstyle State Tournament Registration

Admission Prices:

$12 for all sessions
$6 – Friday only
$8 – Saturday only
$6 – Sunday only

Students & Seniors:
$6 for all sessions
$3 – Friday only
$4 – Saturday only
$3 – Sunday only

Coaches Pass:

Requirements to obtain a mat side coaching pass at MN State Tournaments


Passes will ONLY be sold at the Coaches Meeting during the following times:
Friday at 12:15pm & 7:15pm
Saturday at 10:45am

Coaches with a current USAW Bronze Certification do NOT have to attend a meeting or take a test, but must purchase a $5 coaching pass and wristband.


Weight Classes:  

Pee Wee 6U (Born in 2013 - 2015):  will use scratch weights (Grouping wrestlers within 5 lbs or 10% body weight starting from the lightest wrestler in the age group and moving up. Exception being heavy weights where USA Wrestling has defined weight classes that exceed the 10% rule.).  We will try to make up to 16-man brackets in the Pee Wee division.

Bantam 8U (Born in 2011 - 2012):  will use scratch weights (Grouping wrestlers within 5 lbs or 10% body weight starting from the lightest wrestler in the age group and moving up. Exception being heavy weights where USA Wrestling has defined weight classes that exceed the 10% rule.).  We will try to make up to 32-man brackets in the Bantam division.

Intermediate 10U (Born 2009 - 2010):  49, 53, 56, 59, 63, 67, 71, 77, 84, 93, 105, 120, 120+ (20 lbs.max difference)

Novice 12U (Born 2007 - 2008): 58, 63, 67, 70, 74, 78, 82, 86, 92, 98, 108, 117, 135, 160, 160+ (25 lbs.max difference)

Schoolboy 14U (Born 2005 - 2006):  71, 77, 83, 87, 90, 97, 102, 106, 110, 114, 119, 125, 130, 136, 149, 165, 187, 250

Cadet 16U (Born 2003 - 2004):  88, 94, 100, 106, 113, 120, 126,  132, 138, 145, 152, 160, 170, 182, 195, 220, 285

The Girls Division will use USA Girls Age and Weight groups where possible. 2019 MN/USA Age and Weight Chart

Click here for Weighin Protocol for all MN State Tournaments

At all MNUSA State Tournaments athletes must weigh at or below the listed weight class. NO ALLOWANCES are given.  If a wrestler is over the weight for which they registered, they will be moved to the next higher weight class the weigh-in weight qualifies them for.  If the wrestler's weight qualifies him/her for the next weight class below what they registered for, the wrestler will be moved down to that weight class. MNUSAW strongly discourages weight cutting. Young wrestlers should be allowed to wrestle at their natural weight.

Match Lengths:

Pee Wee, Bantam, Intermediate & Novice: 3, 90 second periods.

Schoolboy & Cadets: 3, 2 minute periods.

Uniforms, Rules, & Awards

Uniforms: Competition singlets with underbriefs required, and the singlets should be predominantly one color.  Two-piece uniforms are also allowed (see below for guidelines on them). The use of headgear is required for Kids Divisions.  It is recommended that athletes with braces wear mouth guards.  Athletes are required to wear white, black or no socks.  Colored socks make it difficult for officials to identify the leg bands for correct scoring.  Note:  All athletes must weigh-in wearing a competition singlet.  Any wrestler wearing a modified singlet will not be allowed to enter the weigh-in area.

Guidelines for the two-piece uniforms are as follows: wrestlers can wear compression or board shorts with a substantial elastic waistband and a tight fitting sleeveless, or short sleeve shirt. The shorts shall not be excessively baggy, have pockets, buttons, draw strings or snaps. A suitable compression undergarment must be worn under the shorts. If the athlete chooses to wear a two-piece uniform to weigh-ins, the athlete must weigh-in with the complete two-piece uniform. There is no weight allowance for the singlet or uniform. Athletes, please be aware that the two piece uniform is currently not legal at USA regional and national Freestyle and Greco competitions.

Rules:  USAW Kids Folkstyle Rules

MN/USA uses rules as applied in the NFHS Rule Book with the following modifications:

  • Athletes must weigh-in in a legal competition singlet.

  • Officials may invoke the “Cry Rule” and call a fall or a default if a young wrestler cries faking an injury to get out of a wrestling hold or delay the match beyond the 1.5 min injury time.  If the official stops the action and determines the athlete is not injured the maximum points will be awarded for the hold will be awarded to the opponent plus a 1 point penalty for “unsportsmanlike conduct” Example: in the case of a pinning situation, 3 points for the near fall, 1 point for stopping because of injury, 1 point for unsportsmanlike conduct = 5 points total.

  • On site tournament medical staff have the final say on all: skin issues, concussion protocol, injuries and if the athlete may return to competition.

  • Biting is flagrant misconduct. The head official will determine if the athlete is disqualified from match or the tournament.

  • The “double armbar with a sit-out” is potentially dangerous by application with no penalty.  Repeated application of the hold will result in a penalty from an illegal hold.

  • MN/USA Wrestling does not require a hair cover for long hair.

  • MN/USA Wrestling recommends, but does not require the use of mouth guards even if the athlete is wearing dental braces.

  • Wrestlers must wear white socks, black socks or no socks. (Multi-colored socks are confusing when using red/green ankle bands.)

  • Singlets must be high cut as described in the NFHS rule book.

  • Two piece uniforms must be as described in the NFHS rule book.

  • Coaches and officials must remember that there is no definitive list of illegal holds  in youth wrestling. If the official thinks a “legal” hold becomes potentially dangerous or works to a illegal position it should be stopped in order to protect the young athlete.   Penalties should be avoided if there was no “intent” to injure. No young athlete should be required to give up a position that causes him to be injured in the process. Neither coach or the athlete should argue these stoppages by the official(s).

Individual Awards:  Awards for 1st through 6th places.



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